Green Co Insulation are a company based in the Highlands of Scotland who specialize in spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is fast becoming first choice as it provides excellent U-Values combined with air tightness. We supply both open and closed cell options at competetive prices. Both of our products are BBA approved. Can be applied domestically and commercially.


Open Cell Foam

LAPOLLA FOAM-LOK ATOC open cell spray foam provides a cost effective fully breathable and airtight insulation solution. [read more]


Closed cell BASF foamUntitled-1

BASF WALLTITE closed cell spray foam insulation is manufactured locally by BASF Polyurethanes. With its low thermal conductivity and high vapour resistivity WALLTITE provides the building owner with superior performance combined with complete airtightness and strength. [read more]

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Our team has a great degree of experience working with foam insulation installation and servicing throughout the Highlands and Islands and provide a comprehensive service for our customers. For more details please contact us here.